Sabbath Family Event the Church of God

September 10, 2016
Sabbath Family Event the Church of God

Introduce World Mission Society Church of God Sydney

On 10th September, members of the World Mission Society Church of God Sydney held a “Sabbath Family Event” to show gratitude toward their parents for their sacrifice and to share the love of Mother with their family and friends. 

Fantastic Music Play

A variety of entertaining performances followed. Starting with a chamber ensemble performance by youth and student members. The chamber ensemble was established only a few months prior to the concert. The members practiced hard, and despite all the difficulties of learning a new instrument, they played a New Song in harmony, touching the hearts of the listeners.

The event continued with family performances, female a cappella, and a children’s dance. In between the performances were touching video clips which showed a father’s sacrifice and a mother’s love. The guests and members were moved to tears, thinking of their parents’ sacrifice and love, saying that they need to appreciate their parents more and express more love toward their families.

During people’s lives, the difficulties that their parents go through to raise their children are often overlooked. Children sometimes cannot fathom how deep and unconditional their parents’ love is. However, through these short videos, the audience had time to reflect and to be grateful for the unseen or not understood things that their parents did for them.

Sabbath Family Event the Church of God

Happy Moment for Family and Friends

A family member invited to the event said “Thank you so much for inviting me. The church members are so bright and kind! This event definitely brings unity to our family. I want to come back again.”

A guest from Melbourne said after watching the event, “It was a great event! I was especially touched by the video clips. We live our lives, taking for granted many things that our parents do for us. I learnt that a parent’s love is so deep and strong towards their children and the importance of the act of giving to create true happiness. I am glad I came today. I also really enjoyed the other performances such as the singing and the orchestra items. This church has been blessed with many talents to reveal the glory of God the Mother.”

Members of the Church of God appreciate their family and friends even more for coming to the event, and will continue to share the love of Mother with them.