The 3237th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Blacktown city, Sydney

September 11, 2016
The 3237th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Blacktown city, Sydney

The 3237th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign with 160 volunteers @ Blacktown city

Sept 11, 2016, Cleanup Campaign @Bessemer Street, Blacktown city, Sydney, NSW

The World Mission Society Church of God drew attention from around the world by winning the top volunteer service award from Queen Elizabeth ll. The volunteering spirit of members has been raised up in excitement, and spread to many areas across the globe in celebration of winning the award.

On September 11, 2016, around 160 volunteers gathered on Bessemer Street, Blacktown, to conduct their 3237th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign. Neighbours, friends, and families of the Church members were invited to join the event. This cleanup was held following a request from Blacktown Council, who have been observing the Church’s sincere and constant volunteer works over a long period of time.

On Sunday, while many people were having a rest, participants, from adults to kids, cleaned together with a joyful mind, helping the community. Blacktown Council welcomed members for their willingness to join the cleanup, and supported them with gloves and waste bags.

Happy Cleaning Time Together @ Blacktown city

Volunteers enjoyed the sunny day, cleaning alongside the streets, while working together as an energetic group. Norma Williams, a church member, said, “Pollution and rubbish are not good for our neighbours’ and children’s health.  As a mother cleans her home in detail for her family, we participate in this clean up with the mind of Heavenly Mother who gives love generously for the happiness of mankind.”

Councillor Susai Benjamin attended the cleanup, and encouraged the volunteers. “We are blessed to have people who care for our community, and are willing to sacrifice their time to clean our streets,” he commended the members.

Arleen Montano, a volunteer, said, “By participating in the cleanup, I felt the great joy of volunteering in my heart. I would like to spend more time helping others from now on.”

Overall, the Bessemer Street area had a makeover, with many kilograms of litter removed from the streets, making it safer for the public. Litter can be very harmful for the environment especially since most plastics are not biodegradable. Without volunteers cleaning the streets, local surroundings would be filled with rubbish. The Church of God regularly conducts cleaning events as part of their litter prevention campaign to spread God’s love and save the world.