The 3265th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign at Ruffey Lake with Manningham City Council, VIC

September 25, 2016
The 3265th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign at Ruffey Lake with Manningham City Council

Sunday 25th September was a busy day for volunteers of the World Mission Society Church of God who had their 3265th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign. The event began with Councillor Dot Haynes, Deputy Mayor of Manningham City Council, cheering the volunteers on. She expressed the importance of this park to local residents. For two hours from 11am, the volunteers split into different groups to clean the park. Children and their mums cleaned around the playground and BBQ area, whilst the other teams were cleaning around the lake.

This event was supported by Manningham City Council, Bunnings Nunawading Warehouse, and ‘Clean Up Australia’. They provided the necessary gloves, heavy-duty garbage bags, and litter picker tools. Since the cleaning area around the lake was so vast, volunteers used a wheelbarrow to transport the filled bags to the Council’s designated pickup point.

The 3265th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign at Ruffey Lake with Manningham City Council

87 participants picked 111 Kg rubbish with Manningham City Council

The 87 participants picked up litter, filling 31 bags weighing 111kg in total. Rubbish found was mainly cigarette butts, plastic bottles, cans, and other trash. They also found 6 used syringes near the lake.

Cr Michelle Kleinert from Manningham City Council joined the cleanup. “It’s been an amazing morning, doing a good thing keeping the place clean. It’s wonderful to see children participating. There is a good atmosphere here. It’s a great thing to do. It’s important to love and care for our environment that God created.”

New volunteer Luis Elzenheimer, a tourist from Germany, said “Thank you for the experience.”

Diane, volunteer from the Church of God, said “I would like to thank God for bringing me to this lovely heavenly family. I enjoyed the sunshine, I enjoyed the lovely people who helped me to laugh and it was nice to be outdoors, helping other people.”

Practicing God’s Love

Ruffey Lake Park is very well maintained and very clean overall.

The Manningham City Council presented a certificate of appreciation to the Church of God, whose members are taught to practice the love of God for their neighbours, and are all encouraged to do volunteer work. In Melbourne cleaning campaigns are done regularly, around 5 times a year.