The 3266th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign at Auchenflower station

September 26, 2016
The 3266th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign at Auchenflower station

3266th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign Held at Auchenflower Station

Sept 25, 2016 I Activities Cleanup Campaign at Auchenflower Station, QLD

To commemorate winning the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for Voluntary Service, the World Mission Society Church of God in Brisbane carried out a cleanup campaign at Auchenflower station on the morning of Sunday 25th September.

Volunteers worked together with hearty cheer

Rolling up their sleeves, around 30 members of all ages gathered together at Auchenflower station. The members geared up with cleaning tools and started to pick up the litter that had been left behind at the station and in the adjoining streets. Volunteers worked together with hearty cheer, helping one another, following the teachings of God.

“Despite my age, I still love to join this volunteer work. I am really glad that the councillor of Toowong Ward provided us with picking tools. It made my volunteering experience much easier and more enjoyable,” said 70 year-old Jan Celledon, local parishioner near Auchenflower station.

30 members gathered 45 Bags of rubbish for 3 hours

Around 45 bags of rubbish were gathered through the cleanup, including broken and empty bottles, pallets, chairs and a discarded mattress. Volunteer Malaki Akeli, Virgin Australia Engineering Department Store Inspector, said with a bright smile, “I am happy to clean up the streets despite the hot weather because I am a child of God and take pride in practicing God’s teachings of sharing neighbourly love. Thinking of the blessings I will receive in heaven, I will clean the streets wholeheartedly.”

Curious residents stopped, and drivers honked to encourage the volunteers. The streets that were once dirty were made bright and clean by the hands of volunteers who wanted to share Mother’s love through action. All the members gave thanks to God and united to carry all the bags of rubbish to the Brisbane City Council’s designated pick up point.

Personal Assistant of Toowong Ward, Carolyn, was touched by the actions of the Church of God volunteers. “You are doing a fantastic job!” she said. Three certificates of appreciation were graciously presented to the Church of God by Councillor Peter Matic, Paddington Ward Field Services Committee Chairman.