Environmental Seminars in Church of God, Doncaster East

December 12, 2015

1st Environmental Seminars @ Doncaster East

Several environmental seminars were held at the World Mission Society Church of God in East Doncaster. The seminars raised public awareness of the effects litter has on the environment, promoting positive changes of behaviour for litter prevention. As God delights in the goodness of mankind, the Church of God wishes to inspire love and caring actions through the seminar.

The first seminar was held on December 12, 2015. Around 100 people listened to the educational seminar, through short videos and a PowerPoint presentation by Hilda Dursun. While existing volunteers were strengthened in their resolves, 10 new people became interested in the Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign and registered to participate in future events.

Megan, a volunteer, said, “I once visited the Royal Botanical Gardens, however, this seminar is quite different. I learn the details of how to recycle, and the effects litter has on marine and other animals. I believe God will be very pleased if we put love into action by caring for the environment.”

2nd Environmental Seminars @ Doncaster East

The second environmental seminar took place on April 17, 2016. Volunteers invited their family, friends, and neighbours, to the event with lovely invitation cards prepared wholehearted by the Church of God. A photo exhibition was set up and all attendees were able to browse through the displays learning about the environment.

The seminar started with some short videos, followed by a PowerPoint presentation by Younho Jung. Afterwards they had a chance to share some food and snacks prepared by the Church. The event successfully attracted 10 new registered volunteers.

Faasaoina, a member who watched the seminar, said, “After looking at the slideshow and seeing the pictures, I realised there is a lot of rubbish around the world. We can see rubbish in the gutters, and it goes into the ocean, and harms sea life. I’m motivated to be a volunteer because I believe in God, but now, I feel even more excited to be involved in cleaning campaigns because I have learned that this will help our environment.”

The World Mission Society Church of God aims to extend these seminars to universities and on the street. These seminars will raise public awareness of litter issues and sustainable practices within the community. The Worldwide Environmental Cleanup campaign will go with Environmental Seminars simultanously.