Orchestral Passion Spreading Love of God in Melbourne, VIC

August 30, 2015

Melbourne Elohim Orchestra Concert Full of Love

30.8.2015 Orchestra Concert in Melbourne

On 30th August, 2015, Melbourne Elohim orchestra concert was held at Iris Manor, Ashburton. Around 30 members from the World Mission Society Church of God shared love through a range of performances including orchestral concert, cultural dances, children’s dances, comic dances, and solo vocal performance.

Music touched their heart

Starting at 1.30pm, in one hour, the Melbourne Elohim Orchestra touched the hearts of the Aged Care residents and brought joy to their faces. Starting with ‘Our Souls Rest in Zion’ and finishing with ‘The Holy City’. The residents had the opportunity to enjoy a cultural Samoan dance and cute little children’s dances.

Judy Gunter, an Aged Care resident, and her daughter Penelope Gunter-Thalhammer handed a flower to each of the performers to thank them for their outstanding performance.

We Feel more Confident that We can Share the Love of God with our Neighbours

Flora, a cellist with the Orchestra, said,

“This is our second concert and we feel more confident that we can share the love of God with our neighbours.”

Tim, a violinist with the Orchestra, said,

“When we see the Aged Care residents enjoying the Orchestra’s music with bright smiles, we feel a great sense of joy and fulfillment.”

The World Mission Society Church of God has plans to spread God the Mother’s love to other Aged Care centers.