The 100th Birth Anniversary of Christ Ahnsahnghong, RAAF Memorial Park Tree Day

July 29, 2018
The 100th Birth Anniversary of Christ Ahnsahnghong, RAAF Memorial Park Tree Day

On July 29, 2018, WMSCOG members collaborated with the local council to help in planting new trees. They focused on the grassland areas in order to realise the nationwide initiative of reducing the effects of carbon dioxide. Indeed, planting activities allow the wildlife habitat to flourish, boosting the aesthetic of our natural environment.

Excitement fills volunteers’ hearts

Volunteers clustered in groups consisting of young children, high school and university students, as well as male and female adults. There was an atmosphere of excitement from the tree planting demonstration and all throughout the event. The children were especially enthusiastic to dig into the pre-made holes, put water crystals, and plant. 

The tree-planting event also served the purpose of educating the younger generation on the importance of trees for our survival. 

Councillor Carol of Blacktown Council who attended the event and cheerfully lent a hand in planting encouraged the volunteers. “You did a really good job at planting these 2,000 seedlings within an hour. I encourage all the members of the World Mission Society Church of God to continue the good things that you are doing for our community.” she said.

The 100th Birth Anniversary of Christ Ahnsahnghong, RAAF Memorial Park Tree Day

Unity and undivided heart to glorify God

The tree planting was accomplished earlier than expected. The members attribute the success of the event to two things. Firstly, it is the unity of the members. Secondly, it is their undivided heart and mind to glorify God the Father and God the Mother. 

The guide emphasized the importance of following the procedure correctly to ensure the proper growth of the plants. 

Break up the hardened ground

Louise Prescott participated in tree planting for the first time with her husband and children. She shared her experience saying, “At first I was planting the trees in mulch not into the actual soil. So I had to break up the hardened ground to re-plant them. Through this, I gained realisation that planting is like planting the word of God in my heart. In the same way I must break my unploughed heart which is sinful nature. Only so that the word of God planted can grow properly and bring forth fruits. Thanks to Father and Mother for allowing this realisation.” 

The volunteers checked and performed quality control procedures before wrapping up the day. The gracious event concluded with a resounding “We Love You” to everyone who contributed to the success of the activity.