Smith Creek Cleanup Campaign, Cairns

July 22, 2018
The Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Smith Creek

On 22 July 2018, World Mission Society Church of God volunteers gathered at TAFE Cairns campus for another cleanup. This was to celebrate the 100th Birth Anniversary of Christ Ahnsahnghong.

The cleanup area included the bike-path that runs along Wilkinson Street to Fearnley Street, Gatton Street and nearby Smith Creek. Initially, volunteers observed a lot of discarded rubbish. There was even an unwelcoming smell from the polluted Creek. Since this is a quite popular bike path in Cairns with many users, it needs to be in good hands.

On Sunday, they divided the volunteers into four cleaning groups. A scorching sun from early morning raised their fervour to work, rather the volunteers smiled even more brightly. Some members, holding a long scoop net, lifted rubbish out of the creek. They collected an amazing amount of waste in a short time rubbish filling about 15 bags, 9 discarded tires, and 2 trolleys.

Julia, one of the volunteers, said “I felt very happy and proud that I can contribute in making a more beautiful Cairns. I appreciate this opportunity to help the people of the community for a better future.”

Cairns MP, Michael Healy, Awards a Certificate of Appreciation to WMSCOG

The beautiful works of World Mission Society Church of God moved the heart of Cairns MP, Michael Healy. He expressed gratitude for their voluntary work. He said, “Thank you for the amazing work you did! You are valuable participants in our community and your contribution is very much appreciated and recognized.”

Michael Healy, Cairns MP awarded a special certificate of appreciation to World Mission Society Church of God. Judy Marshall, from the MP office, also showed appreciation for the efforts of WMSCOG volunteers in making a clean and beautiful city. They were grateful for the opportunity to display the glory of God Elohim in Cairns through the cleanup. They hope to further deliver the love of Mother according to Christ Ahnsahnghong’s will through a cleaner environment.