The 4061st Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Mother’s Street cleanup in Canberra

February 25, 2018
The 4061st Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Mother's Street

The 4061st Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

On February 25, 2018, around 60 volunteers from World Mission Society Church of God in Sydney headed to Canberra. Early on Sunday morning, they embarked on a mission to clean Yarralumla Bay as part of Mother’s Street Cleanup.

Heavy rain accompanied the volunteers throughout their entire journey. However, they excitedly drove for three hours. They joyfully carried out the event with Canberra WMSCOG members and three IUWA (International University Workers Academy ) members from South Korea.

Yarralumla Bay is a high visitation area, with a lot of birdlife. Through the event, WMSCOG volunteers hope to provide a cleaner and healthier environment, for both wildlife and locals to enjoy.

Undeterred by the downpour, WMSCOG volunteers went, holding sacks, walking over grass and sand. The volunteers, with their bright countenances and colourful raincoats, looked like children on a treasure-hunt game. They started picking up rubbish including candy wrappers, cigarette butts, littered tissues, and plastic bags. In less than two hours, they triumphantly collected rubbish, filling around five sacks. ACT government supported the event with bags and gloves as well as helping with the disposal of the garbage collected.

The 4061st Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Mother's Street

A badge of honour from God

Frances Jodda, one of the volunteers, said, “I feel so happy seeing all our brothers and sisters’ bright faces. I can feel our heavenly Parent’s love through this beautiful unity. Being here, I feel very happy and content.” God has certainly prepared a badge of honour for those who glorify God in season or out of season.

A whole month’s rainfall poured down on that day, prompting closure of campuses and roads. However, the deluge could not dampen the enthusiasm of the volunteers. Rather, the pouring rain mirrored the inundation of brotherly love, laughter, and happiness from God Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother.

God the Mother’s teachings include unity, humility, and helping one another. God the Mother is central to all events and activities of the World Mission Society Church of God. Heavenly Mother’s words and teachings is the glue that bonds our hearts, souls, and minds, creating perfect unity in love.

The 4061st Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Mother's Street