The 4600th Worldwide Cleanup Australia Day in Blacktown and Strathfield, NSW

March 4, 2018
The 4600th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

Volunteers from World Mission Society Church of God gathered at Harpes Bush Reserve in Blacktown, NSW. From various age groups, they cheered one another on as they picked up rubbish. Their joyful hands together made their natural environment a cleaner and safer place for the community.

This 4600th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign is for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong. Accordingly, around 50 volunteers united wholeheartedly to share love by rejuvenating the bush reserve.

The 4600th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

Joyfully working together

The two-hour activity saw bicycles, rusty iron pieces, cans, and bottles among the items collected. WMSCOG volunteers quickly filled up about 30 bags (100 litre each) with rubbish. They organised them nicely, ready to be collected by the council.

Cr Susai Benjamin, from Blacktown City Council, came to encourage the volunteers. He said, “I am happy to be here. I am committed to supporting you in what you are doing. Being proactive is very important.”

Margarette Tolu, a volunteer, participated in the cleanup for the first time. “It feels great to work with these volunteers today. I didn’t know that it could be this joyful to work together and do something small but meaningful for others. I head to my workplace after this, feeling proud and content for having done something good together with beautiful people.” She said.

The 4600th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

Austin Park Cleanup

On the same day, 35 volunteers and Nella Hall, Deputy Mayor of Strathfield, gathered in Austin Park in Homebush West. Together with local residents, they cleaned the surrounding streets and walkways to Flemington Station and market. With the unity of the all volunteers, they collected twenty-five bags of rubbish, in addition to bulky items. Strathfield Council prepared a BBQ for all the volunteers who came to lend a helping hand on the cleanup day.

Nella Hall, Deputy Mayor of Strathfield, who participated in the cleanup with WMSCOG members, expressed her gratitude deeply. She enthused, “Thank you so much for inviting me today. I can’t believe the amount of rubbish we’ve collected. I think your organisation is amazing and wonderful and really inspiring. Please come next year too, we need you guys! Thank you so much.”

Although Clean Up Australia Day 2018 is over, it is certain that WMSCOG members who desire to practice faith accompanied by deeds will clean the surroundings regularly.