Mother’s Street Cleanup Movement with ASEZ, NSW

January 28, 2018

About 80 volunteers from World Mission Society Church of God gathered to do good on Rowood Rd in Prospect, NSW. On Sunday January 28, 2018, the bright smiley faces of the volunteers lifted up local consciousness in a moment. Five university students from the ASEZ group [Save Earth from A to Z] travelled from Korea and joined the event. Their youthful zest further added sparkles to the cheerful atmosphere.

This event forms part of the worldwide Mother’s Street movement, which aims to cover a total of 40,000km of streets. With Mother’s love, volunteers cleaned Rowood Rd and Stoddart Rd situated in the industrial area of Prospect, approximately four kilometres.

Despite the heat of mid-summer, parents, children, high school students, and workers, joyfully carried out their mission with a united mind. Overall, they collected litter filling twenty 100 litre bags. In addition, they heaped up many bulky items, including tires, car parts, and furniture.

Duty to serve God, community, and protect the environment

Cr Carol Israel from Blacktown Council stayed with members throughout the whole event. After two hours of active cleaning with the volunteers, she praised the members’ efforts. “Today, I was reminded me of why I was put in this position. As an official of local government, I am to serve God, our community, and protect the environment. You guys remind me of these three things when you do awesome job in volunteering for the community.”

Sydney University student, Echo, participated in the cleanup with WMSCOG for the first time. Echo was overwhelmed, saying, “I remove rubbish from the streets following the example of Mother. So it feels like negative things in my heart are removed, simultaneously. Seeing the piles of rubbish that we’ve collected, my heart feels clean and purified too. Thank you for inviting me to clean up today.”

Two streets in Prospect had a fresh makeover, thus truly turning into Mother’s Streets. WMSCOG volunteers are looking forward to Cleanup Australia Day to carry out their next “Mother’s Street” campaign in Sydney. Mother’s Street Cleanup is a global environmental project concurrently taking place in 175 countries. Ultimately, they are spreading the love from Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother through their caring deeds.