The 100th Birth Anniversary of Christ Ahnsahnghong, The 5072nd Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

October 18, 2018
The 100th Birth Anniversary of Christ Ahnsahnghong_The 5072nd Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

An army of volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) gathered to tackle 780 sq.m. of graffiti at Giraween. With the hope for a safer environment, they promoted Graffiti Removal Day’s, “Love Where We Live”.

On Oct 21, 2018, nearly 100 participants from Church of God turned up. Selfless volunteers consisted of joyful families, children, youth, and adult members. Accordingly, they painted the wall white during the event. The volunteers worked hard for the best part of two hours to help the community have a fresh look.

Volunteering make graffiti-proofing communities possible

Cleaning up graffiti costs the government a huge 2.7 billion dollars annually. This year, the government strategy is to focus on graffiti-proofing communities. In order to achieve this purpose, they have to pay close attention to graffiti hotspots. Subsequently, it is necessary to take down graffiti as soon as it appears.

The active participation of the volunteers from WMSCOG, along with others from the community, makes this focus realistic. Bob Aitken, Graffiti Removal Day Chairman, spoke on the Channel 7 program – Sunrise. “It’s a nonstop battle and we never give up. We take it down as fast as it goes up and that is a strong deterrent to these vandals.”

He also acknowledged that communities now are more aware of what they can do. Bob Aitken praised the support of the wonderful, great people from the Church of God in Blacktown whom he regards as having 100% faith.

The 100th Birth Anniversary of Christ Ahnsahnghong_The 5072nd Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

Sharing love of God

WMSCOG members volunteer yearly on Graffiti Removal Day to show support to the local council. They are happy to be a part of promoting a community that has zero tolerance to vandalism and crime.

The Church of God is well known internationally as the organisation that shares the love of God the Mother. As salt purifying the sea, they embrace the global communities as one family, following Mother’s teachings. Moreover, they encourage members to carry out good deeds as modern day good Samaritans.

God the Mother – the Great Inspiration

The Church of God has been working closely with NGOs, local councils, and communities across 175 countries. God the Mother, who set an example of serving others, is always the great inspiration for all volunteers.

Delivering God’s love and eternal happiness, WMSCOG has received various awards and recognitions. These include the most prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. The Queen’s award is an equivalent of an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire). WMSCOG is receiving outpouring support and their already extensive volunteer activities will keep increasing.