The Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, ASEZ

July 23, 2017
Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

Youth members of WMSCOG in Sydney along with ASEZ team from Korea cleaned up three universities. ASEZ (Save the Earth A to Z) is a group of university student volunteers from the Church of God. Their worldwide initiatives include social service, relief for victims, raising awareness of current issues, and environmental protection.

Six members of ASEZ, left summer behind them in Korea, and flew to Sydney for three weeks. They experienced Australian culture and promoted ASEZ activities during their stay.

Most universities in Sydney start a new semester in the month of July. Considering this, the volunteers aim to make a better and cleaner environment for students who are returning to their campus. For this reason, they cleaned the universities with the love of God the Mother. Accordingly, three universities all received the refreshing blessing of cleanliness. They included University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney and University of New South Wales.

Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

On Sunday 23rd of July 2017, a clear blue sky and warm sunshine welcomed the volunteers who gathered at the University of Sydney. Twenty-three members with bright smiles, joyfully picked up rubbish in cafeteria areas, parks, and benches. Full of positive energy, they gathered rubbish filling five 100 litre bags within just three hours.

Youth volunteers’ efforts will change the world

Monique, a volunteer from Sydney, said, “Today we held a cleanup event with Korean ASEZ members in 3 different universities. No matter where we are from, we are united with one mind. Therefore, we are able to cheerfully do amazing work. It is all because of the love of Heavenly Jerusalem Mother.”

Cindy, who is a member of ASEZ team from Korea, expressed her joy. She said, “I spent my best ever vacation in Sydney, participating in volunteering work! I give thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong for allowing us, university students, to glorify God through good deeds. I believe youth volunteers’ efforts will change the world. We will save the world with Mother’s love!”