The 3874th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, North Side Clean Up Raises Awareness

July 23, 2017
The 3874th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Hidden World Playground

  An Extension of God’s Love

It was a warm morning when the World Mission Society Church of God members started their cleanup. On Sunday 23rd of July 2017, at the Hidden World Playground in Fitzgibbon, Brisbane, the volunteers gathered.

Their selfless efforts led them to discover rubbish hidden in all areas of the park as well as the side streets and main road. Despite it being a family area, there were plenty of spots where there had been a serious lack of care. The members focused on the task at hand: that is, filling up bags with glass bottles, fast food rubbish, cans, and more.

An abandoned TV, large planks of wood, shelves, and a mattress, contributed to the growing pile of waste that the volunteers collected. What made the cleanup even more of a delight, was the willing spirit shown by the members. They searched out whatever rubbish they could, in order to make a cleaner, safer environment for the community.

Generous support from local authorities

Paul Cusack, from the Brisbane Litter Prevention Team, complimented the volunteers. He also provided necessary tools and bags for the cleanup. Personal Assistant to Councillor Amanda Cooper for Bracken Ridge Ward, Callum Albury, also joined in. He was amazed by the amount of rubbish that was gathered. He expressed his appreciation to WMSCOG members for their generous time and efforts.

Enthusiastic volunteers unite to share Mother’s love

The members remained energetic, feeling grateful since they knew the benefit of helping others. Marie Aroha, an excited new member, attended the cleanup for the first time. She exclaimed, “Performing good deeds is another form of preaching to save 7 billion, since it’s a form of love, the greatest kind.”

Eteuati Sami also added, “I woke up with anticipation and joy to share the love of God through good deeds. Always a great feeling to help others.”

The volunteers helped each other, showing amazing team work, cooperation, and willingness. Thus, all members smiled, in strong unity. It is no surprise then that this demonstration of cleaning was but an extension of God’s love itself. The members hold firm to Mother, who exemplifies the teaching of God. It is more blessed to give love than to receive, as God always gives love.