The 3562nd Worldwide Cleanup Campaign of Hope through O’Sullivan Park Cleanup

February 26, 2017
The 3562nd Worldwide Cleanup Campaign of Hope through O’Sullivan Park Cleanup

The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) initiated another worldwide cleanup campaign with the O’Sullivan Park Cleanup in Brisbane. A cool and pleasant breeze greeted more than 30 volunteers, early Sunday morning on Feb 26, 2017. This is the 3562nd worldwide cleanup campaign. It also forms part of the celebration for winning the Queen’s Award for voluntary service.

The Church’s previous volunteering campaigns have not only contributed to the environment, but also set an example in litter prevention. With this in mind, the Council collaborated with WMSCOG for a park cleanup at C.A.O’Sullivan Park in the residential suburb of Acacia Ridge. Brisbane City Council actively supported the campaign in order to promote community action. The Church of God volunteers believe that these small actions will certainly enlighten many about the need for environmental care. Since the Church of God members practise good deeds with the heart of Mother, the world is a better place.

Before the event, Brisbane City Council Litter Prevention Officer Crystal Lau provided each of the volunteers with new, improved cleanup kits. At the same time, the volunteers gave thanks to Elohim God for the Council’s acknowledgment and fine support. Meanwhile, Crystal Lau was jubilant to have the local community inspired by the Church of God volunteers’ example.

Serving others with park cleanup – a soul-satisfying deed

Libby, a member of the local Labour Party Committee, delighted to participate, joined without hesitation. Furthermore, the volunteers of primary school age shared their enthusiasm and remained vibrant, cleaning effortlessly. Besides this, they expressed their thanks to Father and Mother continuously, since they felt the blessing of serving others. Afterwards, a volunteer shared her hope to branch out more across Brisbane. Thus, good deeds such as this could be more widespread to make known Mother’s love.

Research Assistant in Bio-medical Science, QUT, Berline Murekatete said, “After the cleanup, I felt a sense of fulfillment instead of tiredness. Today, we performed a soul-satisfying deed because we helped the community, putting others before ourselves.”

The WMSCOG members, honoured with the Queen’s MBE Award, have much more to offer for the remainder of the year. Their beautiful acts will bring forth an even more positive impact in Brisbane suburbs and the city as a whole. Seeing Heavenly Mother who always leads the way, the members follow Her example with gratitude and practice brotherly love.