The 3567th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Bushland care in Cattai Creek area, Kellyville, NSW

February 26, 2017
The 3567th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

3567 Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Connelly Way Bushland Care

On 26 February 2017, 25 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God in Sydney participated in Bushland care voluntary work at Cattai Creek in Kellyville. Bushland care is one of the volunteer programs conducted by Hill Shire Council. With one mind to conserve nature, WMSCOG members joined hands to make the beautiful bushland clean and weed-free.

Volunteers pulled out weeds and removed fallen branches from the bush. Due to rain, the night before the event, the soil became softer. As a result, this made it much easier to remove the weeds. Members were so thankful to God who made it rain to prepare for their work.

The united work of the members for about 2 hours achieved an astounding result. More than twenty-five 100-litre bags could not contain the weeds collected. Not to mention piles of fallen branches from the bush. Even the council truck was overflowing from a massive amount of weeds collected.

A regular Bushland care volunteer said in amazement, “You have done a great job. This would have taken us several months.”

The 3567th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

Volunteering spirits that encourage many

The council provided water bottles and snacks for volunteers, praising their hard work.

Baulkham Hills Councillor Ryan Tracey showed gratitude for the members’ efforts.  He said, “After hearing the good news about your receiving ‘The Best New Community Group Award’ for Graffiti Removal Day from General Attorney Mark Speakman, I would like to share my admiration for your volunteering spirits and encourage you all to continue your great efforts in our Shire.”

Fiona Collins, a volunteer, exclaimed “I feel so good to have this opportunity to take care of our beautiful environment. We have accomplished so much today by practising unity according to Heavenly Mother’s teaching.”

This is the Church of God’s 3567th worldwide environmental campaign. Following their graffiti cleanup on February 19, the Sydney Church of God, once again, glorified God through their good deeds.

The 3567th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign