The 3766th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Mordialloc Beach Cleanup, Melbourne

May 14, 2017
The 3766th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Peter Scullin Reserve

The 3766th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

On 14th May, 2017, around 60 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God arrived in Mordialloc. They were brimming with excitement, in anticipation of cleaning up the spectacular beach. The Mordialloc Beach is a popular recreational area which receives many visitors. Subsequently, the surroundings had accumulated a certain amount of litter.

The dedicated volunteers cleaned up not only the beach, but also the carpark and the children’s playground. In less than two hours, around 250kg of rubbish was gathered.

Adam Keyes, who was riding his bike, stopped, and expressed his gratitude. He encouraged the volunteers, saying, “Thank you for giving up your Sunday morning and coming to Mordialloc Beach. Thank you for cleaning up a lot of rubbish that came through the drains from the suburbs. It would otherwise have ended up in the bay, which is terrible for the fish. I love my water sports, and I’m so happy that you’re protecting the environment.”

The 3766th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Peter Scullin Reserve

Council’s grant heartens volunteers

Lauren Wood and James Pote, the foreshore crew from Kingston City Council, were on hand to remove the rubbish gathered by the volunteers. They quickly loaded the many bags packed with rubbish into their truck.

Mayor David Eden was pleased with the efforts of the volunteers. He gave a special ‘thank you’ to all the returning volunteers who live far away the areas. He said, “I’m glad that, as a council, we can assist you even with a grant, to support your cleanups. You do support us by cleaning up our parks and bays, reducing pollution, and making them safe and enjoyable for the community.” The grant went towards a tent and hats, to provide shade for volunteers from scorching sun.

Councillor Georgina Oxley also shared some words of encouragement with the volunteers. She said, “Thank you for giving up your time, constantly coming down to Kingston and keeping our beaches clean.”

Plaque of appreciation awarded by Kingston City Council

Megan, a volunteer, explained, “This cleanup gives us an opportunity to help the local community, and spread Mother’s love, while taking care of the environment. The Church of God does cleanups in 2500 regions in 175 countries throughout the world.”

In appreciation of their outstanding contribution, Kingston City Council awarded a plaque to the World Mission Society Church of God. They will continue to deliver Mother’s love in Melbourne community, so that many people’s hearts can be touched by the grace of God.