The 3787th Worldwide Cleanup Campaing, Blacktown Bush Care, Sydney

May 21, 2017
The 3787th Worldwide Cleanup Campaing, Mars Reserve

The 3787th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

On 22nd May, 40 members from World Mission Society Church of God rolled up their sleeves to remove weeds and plant native trees at Knudsen Reserve in Riverstone in Blacktown area. Weeds are one of the greatest threats to native plant species as weeds can quickly outcompete valued plants. As trees produce many benefits for mankind, it is so significant to plant good trees to maintain a healthy environment.

Volunteers first removed invasive weeds, called ‘mother of millions’. In less than two hours, ten 100 litre bags were filled with weeds. After that, they started planting native vegetation. Plants have been chosen for their ability to absorb much water during raining season. Since it is a flood hazard area, the hope is that this vegetation will help to prevent flooding.

Katrina Brown, Bushcare Coordinator of Blacktown Council was impressed with the unity work of members. “Members of Church of God did fantastic job with beautiful smile. What you accomplished in 2 hours today would have taken us several months to do. We really appreciate your effort and hard work. I hope you come back to help us again in the future.”

A participant, Faye Kekatos said “This is great opportunity to educate our children to protect nature. I want to continue to offer my service by doing voluntary work. It’s because my little efforts can make a difference in the environment, both present and future.”

New volunteer Raquel Collins, said, “It’s my first time to participate in weeding and planting. It is enjoyable because all volunteers are working together with laughter and the spirit of unity!”

The 3787th Worldwide Cleanup Campaing, Mars Reserve

Ryde Bushcare

Simultaneously, an additional 20 members from WMSCOG removed weed trees from Field of Mars Reserve, East Ryde. In under 2 hours, they removed 800 kilograms of weed trees making 6 huge piles of weeds. Members cut the giant weeds (lantana, privet) with saws and loppers.

Sandra, Ryde Council Bushcare coordinator was immensely pleased with the members’ united work. She said, “I’m very very happy, today your work has exceeded all my expectations. On behalf of the City of Ryde, I would like to thank World Mission Society Church of God. We hope you will work together with us again in the future.”