Certificate of Appreciation from Volunteering Victoria

November 17, 2016
Certificate of Appreciation from Volunteering Victoria

On November 17, 2016, representatives from the World Mission Society Church of God attended the Volunteering Victoria State Awards ceremony. The awards ceremony took place in the spectacular Queen’s Hall, inside the stunning surrounds of Parliament House in Melbourne.

A panel of judges drawn from the volunteering sector considered nominations and shortlisted the finalists. The World Mission Society Church of God was one of the finalists under the Excellence category. This is awarded to a volunteer program or organisation who demonstrates and champions the best practice in volunteering management, according to the National Standard. The Church of God received a nomination for the excellent management of its Worldwide Environmental Clean-up Campaign and Tree Planting activities.

Hon. Telmo Languiller MP and CEO Sue Noble host Volunteering Victoria State Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony started with a speech by Sue Noble, the Chief Executive Officer of Volunteering Victoria. She spoke to the many distinguished guests. She said, ‘While we rightly recognise the efforts and contribution of all volunteers in our communities, too often, we don’t acknowledge and celebrate the work of the people behind the scenes – the people who lead and support the volunteers, and who help make volunteering such a rewarding and valued experience.’

Ms Noble expressed her appreciation to sponsors and supporters. These included SEEK Volunteer, Ducere and the Victorian State Government through the Department of Health and Human Services. In particular she acknowledged support from the Hon. Telmo Languiller MP, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, and the Parliament of Victoria.

The Church of God, as a finalist in the 2016 Volunteering Victoria State Awards, received a congratulatory certificate for Excellence.

Heavenly Mother – The best volunteer manager

Volunteer Hilda said, “I’m so grateful to be in the Queen’s Hall. The Church of God recently received an award from Queen Elizabeth as well as this certificate today. This is because we have the most excellent manager of all our volunteer works. She is Heavenly Mother who personally manages all the volunteer works of the Church of God. Moreover, Heavenly Mother makes volunteering a rewarding experience and teaches us to serve others with love.”

Correspondingly, global sustainability has become a passion that inspires 2.7 million Church of God volunteers in 4500 regions worldwide. Therefore, the Church encourages all members to join cleaning campaigns and tree planting activities which help tackle climate change.