The 3364th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, The Volunteers Brighten Inala

December 4, 2016
The 3364th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, The Volunteers Brighten Inala

Cleanup Campaign at Inala Avenue, Brisbane

Around 50 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God in Brisbane gathered to clean up the environment. The cleanup began early on Sunday morning, December 4, 2016, in the well-populated suburb of Inala. The eye-catching team in yellow brought attention to the D.J Sherrington Park (a major park facility) and also nearby streets. This was the Church of God’s 3364th Cleaning Campaign. The Church’s worldwide cleaning movement highlights the importance of caring for the environment through the practice of faith.

Family members and friends joined the cleanup in a joyful atmosphere despite the hot weather. The brightness and warmth of the sun was but a reflection of the volunteers bright and warm smiles. In an astonishing occurrence the sky had no evidence left of a thunderstorm that took place the night before. The sky was clear and wide as if its arms were ready to welcome the volunteers and their mission to change the world one deed at a time.

Praiseworthy efforts attract community participation

Councillor Charles Strunk of the Forest Lake Ward also attended the event. He participated in the Clean Up movement with delight, congratulating the members for their praiseworthy efforts. In addition to his gratitude, Councillor Charles Strunk and his personal assistant Nayda Hernandez prepared and distributed hats, drink bottles, bags, gloves and cool water to the volunteers. Their commitment and sense of community inspired the counselor. After the cleanup, he addressed the volunteers, “We are very honoured to have you here today… You have done well and keep growing because people can see you out in the community.”

Although there was a vast difference in age, culture, and background, the volunteers came together as a united force. Brisbane City Council Litter Prevention Officers Cristal Lau and Paul Cusack, also participated with excitement. In amazement at the willing spirit of the volunteers, they wholeheartedly and joyfully shared their gratitude. “Thank you for helping us keep Brisbane City clean, we hope to work together more in the future.”

There was a clear sense of sincerity. While sharing encouragement with each other, the members certainly shared their faith together too. United by one common bond, the volunteers practice the Biblical teaching of serving and loving their neighbours, giving thanks and glory to God Elohim.