The 4069th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Shang Street Park Cleanup, Cairns

November 12, 2017
The 4069th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, Shang Street Park Cleanup, Cairns

The 4069th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign

On Sunday 12 November 2017, around seventeen WMSCOG volunteers gathered at Shang Street Park to spread Mother’s love through a cleanup. Indeed, the members of the World Mission Society Church of God carry out cleanup campaign worldwide. The campaign has reached over 4069 locations so far.

The Shang Street park has many good features including a large playground and a basketball court. Wearing yellow vests, all the volunteers worked diligently together, with warm and bright smiles. They collected litter from the beautiful surroundings, filling sixteen 50 litre bags, giving the park a makeover.

Unity and harmony bring joy to everyone

Besides the Shang Street Park, WMSCOG volunteers gave careful attention also to the surrounding streets. Accompanying each other, they shared the heavy loads. The local residents looked on in wonder at the amazing work of the Church of God members, feeling thankful.

Elsie, a resident witnessing the work, said “It’s really good that you came to this area. It’s really needed. You did a good job.”

Saving the Great Barrier Reef from litter

Division Councillor Terry James, who is also the deputy mayor of Cairns Regional Council, attended the cleanup and watched a church introductory video. The councillor, as well as many others, are concerned about the effects of pollution on the Great Barrier Reef. He expressed his thanks for the kind actions of volunteers who obey the teachings of God Elohim. Considering this, he said, “It’s really good work that you are doing. I am very grateful to you for making the effort to come out here today to stop the rubbish from getting washed down the drains and into the Reef.”

The impressive efforts of WMSCOG volunteers around the world also touched Dan Walton, the sustainability officer at Cairns Regional Council. He continually coordinates with the Church of God and supports their events by providing bags, tongs, and gloves. After each cleanup campaign, they dispose of the rubbish accordingly.

All the members enjoyed a beautiful time of caring for their neighbours. This is the teaching of Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother. The Passover of the New Covenant cleanses the souls of people. Each month, volunteer efforts bring more joy and grace to everyone involved. By this, the light of the New Covenant established by Christ Ahnsahnghong shines even more brightly.

By the grace of God, the Mayor of Cairns Regional Council awarded a certificate of recognition to the World Mission Society Church of God. The Young Working Adults Volunteer Group received the award on October 25th after two cleanup campaigns in Cairns. WMSCOG plans to reach every suburb of Cairns and deliver God the Mother’s love through cleanup campaigns.